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Silicone Application

A more complete analysis of Silicone construction steps! !

The construction process of Silicone is super simple, and the teaching of Silicone construction drawings can be understood at a glance, and you can learn it at one time. Silicone construction is easy to get started !



Silicone / silicone gun / box cutter / silicone spatula / spatula / masking tape

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Silicone gun
A wide variety of silicon guns are available in the market, with prices ranging from tens of dollars to more than 1,000 dollars. Basically, select a silicone gun that allows you to operate it easily after mounting silicone to it.

Box cutter
The box cutter is used to remove old silicone but you have to pay attention to its material used to avoid scratches to the floor, etc.

Non dripping silicone gun → Masking tape for applicaiton →
Step 1

Remove old silicone caulking with your box cutter or silicone spatula and clean the gaps.
Step 2

Cut off the silicone cartridge and properly cut a tip of the nozzle at an angle.
Step 3

Affix the masking tape to avoid contamination of the surrounding wall by excessive sealants.
Step 4

Spread silicone to the gaps.
Step 5

Finish off the silicone caulking using the spatula to ensure the sealant is evenly and aesthetically filled into gaps.
Step 6

Remove the masking tap and check if there are silicone residues to ensure the surroundings are clean.

What should you pay attention to during the application?

You should clean the surface for the sealant to apply to. If there is water, dust, stain on the surface, its adhesion to materials will be affected and the bonding fails. Therefore, you should wash gaps using appropriate solvents (such as alochol) or detergents and wait until they are dried before applicaiton.
During the application, cut the tip of the nozzle to a proper size. It is better to have a nozzle that can reach half the depth of the gap. Slowly apply the sealant so that it completely fill the gap without any space left.
During the application, the ambient temperature should between 5-40℃ with a RH of 40%-80%. It is inappropriate to apply silicone in a drier or more humid weather. If the temperature of the surface under the direct sunlight exceeds 50℃, it is inappropriate to apply it.
After silicone is applied and not cured, it should not be rained or withstand load and movement.
During the application, wipe the sealant off from your hand using newspaper or a rag. The silicone is not corrosive so you can have a peace of mind.
The unopened silicone can be stored for 1 year under the room temperature (25 degrees). However, after it is opened, how it is stored determines how fast it is cured. Please store it properly and use up it asap.