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LED IC Molding Compound、Electronic Component Sealant、Solar Panel Frame Sealant、Cleanroom Sealan、Thermal Grease、Headlight Sealer、Firefighting Silicone、Flame Retardant Sealant、Silicone Adhesive、Silicone Rubber for Room Temperature Vulcanized Mold、High Temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber
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Electronic Industrial Silicone

Electronic Industrial Silicone
In addition to Special Silicone, FINSEIL has provided mature products for the electronic industry and they can be used in various industries. We aims at providing heat resistance silicone, headlight sealers, and sealers for cruise ships. In the new energy market, we have provided sealants for solar modules.

We also develop 2-part mold and environmentally friendly silicone. It is composed of the A-part and B-part flowable liquid gel, which can be cured under the room temperature or quickly cured by heating it. It has a soft touch, and is stable and durable.
Headlight Sealer 鋼樑灌注膠 Flame Retardant Sealant LED元件灌封膠 Silicone Rubber for Room Temperature Vulcanized Mold 室溫硬化兩液型矽利康 LED IC Molding Compound Electronic Component Sealant Solar Panel Frame Sealant Cleanroom Sealan Thermal Grease Firefighting Silicone Silicone Adhesive High Temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber