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Waterproof Materials:Nano-level Ultra-permeable Crystalline Waterproofing Agent,綠建材標準Waterproof Materials、無溶劑Waterproof Materials、低揮發Waterproof Materials、抗霜凍Waterproof Materials、滲透性強Waterproof Materials
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Waterproof Materials

Waterproof Materials
Our Waterproof Materials are transparent permeable crystalline waterproofing agent whose main ingredient is silicone that is solved in water. When compared to commercially available products, it has better permeability. International raw materials are imported and used for this permeable crystalline waterproofing agent. No water will penetrate through concrete or react with alkaline to enhance anti-permeability, sealability, corrosion resistance, and anti-efflorescence. It has a high waterproof rate, which looks like drops on lotus leaves. This is known as Lotus Effect so that stone materials remain their natural color, and withstand acid rain and saline damage, which prolong the lifespan of the building.

The water-based nano-level crystalline waterproofing agent can penetrate through concrete for several centimeters. It can provide long lasting protection for concrete surfaces and prevent water damage to walls. No appearance of concrete will not be changed and you can paint it to inhibit growth of microorganisms. It has high permeability and permanent waterproof property.
KK03Nano-level Ultra-permeable Crystalline Waterproofing Agent KK01Nano-level Ultra-permeable Crystalline Waterproofing Agent Waterproof Materials